LongWish Hotel International, 328 meters in height, is one of the highest hotels inthe world. The building looks like “a tripod with a pearl atop”, which standsfor Huaxi based on three important systems and the sun at high noon. The hotelis the landmark of the establishment of Huaxi New City and the milestone in thedevelopment of the countryside in China.

LongWish Hotel International is a modern comprehensive hotel with 826 guest rooms.It offers services of catering, accommodations, sightseeing, business andentertainment. In 2011, Huaxi village invested 3 billion yuan in the constructionof this giant building to celebrate the coming 50th anniversary of theestablishment of Huaxi village. The biggest revolving restaurant in Asia islocated in the top part of the hotel (the pearl). And one of the largest luxuriousastylar banquet halls in East China is located on the first floor of the hotel.Five clubs are located separately in five featured sky gardens, which aredecorated according to the Chinese five elements---Metal, Wood, Water, Fire andEarth. The hotel also has conference halls, shopping center, theater, operahall, fitness center, KTV, SPA, bar and so on. Besides, the hotel is equippedwith advanced high-speed elevators (10 m/s) and security and fire fightingsystems.

LongWish Hotel International sincerely welcomes you.